How Social Workers Can Help

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How Social Workers Can Help

A social worker can be an asset to helping you cope with your pain issues in a holistic way.  

Even as early as 2008,  in an article published by WHO – (  Scoping Document for WHO Treatment Guideline on Non-malignant Pain in Adults) It was noted that WHO suggested a description of the biopsychosocial context in which these guidelines are contained – “in particular the wider context of chronic pain and the importance of holistic care of patients and their caregivers.”

Social workers with a knowledge or interest in pain can assist you and your families to

  • Understand how your values, beliefs, hopes, emotions, and history impact pain and functioning
  • Explore ways to mediate the impact and meaning of pain in your lives and the lives of others
  • Explore the reciprocal relationship between biological, psychological, cultural, spiritual, social, economic, family, and political aspects of your experience of living with pain so you can create the best quality of life
  • Work with you to identify your strengths, areas of competence and control
  • Teach skills and strategies to enhance your life such as relaxation, breathing exercise and goal setting
  • Assist you in problem solving and decision making as we know that considering options such as applying for disability or taking chronic medications have symbolic meaning and requires attention to the losses and adaptations that you and your family may make
  • Advocate and negotiate systems
  • Locate resources such as the and and   for education, advocacy, and networking.

Chronic pain sometimes can cause people to isolate, and having compassionate individuals such as social workers working with you can help alleviate pain issues and develop healthy relationships with others.