Robin Lipsker


I am both trained and experienced for over 15 years in the areas of anxiety, depression, complex trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), loss & grief, chronic pain, life transitions, relationships, sexuality and LGBTQ issues.

I work with adult individuals, adolescents, couples, and groups. I employ solution-focused, narrative, and several body-centered, mindfulness-based psychotherapies, including Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT). I have an in depth understanding of the dynamics of dysfunctional family systems resulting from chemical dependency, mental illness, domestic violence, veteran’s issues, and workplace bullying.

Each of these methods respects the client as the best authority on his or her healing process and operates on the premise that the body-mind is always moving toward healing.

Therapy is a joint effort that is successful with your hard work, energy, and courage. It provides a safe place to explore reactions, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and your life and to explore how past experiences have shaped the ways you view yourself and the world around you. The ensuing self understanding and self-acceptance supports you in shedding old ways and developing new ways of responding to life. It can have benefits and risks. Since it may involve exploring unpleasant aspects of your life or yourself, you may temporarily experience increased discomfort, such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger, or frustration. During the process of change, relationships may become strained. However, as you experience yourself more deeply and engage in life more authentically, there is often a sense of relief and spaciousness even if difficult emotions are present. Psychotherapy can lead to improved self-awareness and self-acceptance, improved coping skills, increased effectiveness in life, solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress. But there are no guarantees about what you will experience.

The standards use a humanistic values framework to ensure that ethical social work practice can be enhanced by the appropriate use of technology.

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