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I am a woman veteran with PTSD and MST issues. Working with Robin has been life changing for me. I also am a caretaker to my youngest son. Robin has taught me how to self care and concrete solutions to my struggles with these issues. I highly recommend her.

Ramona M.   

After years of dealing with childhood traumas and chronic pain from medical conditions developed later in life, my use of prescription and street drugs resulted in a horrible quality of life. My search to get my life back together led me to seek therapy, and none of the therapists really seemed to be able to help me put the pieces together in a way that made sense, or help me find the new ways of thinking and new directions that I knew that I needed. Then I met Robin Lipsker, and through my work with her, I have really managed to turn my life around for the good, and I am so incredibly grateful to her for how she seemed to really understand where I was coming from and where I was trying to go. She really understands the way that the traumas, the drugs, and the medical conditions interact, how they affect my work and my family, and to unscramble the issues to deal with them one at a time instead of all at once. She was also really great at working with my family, and helped us to get closer to each other.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lipsker to anyone trying to cope with trauma, drugs, family,and other personal problems.

Yossi Y   

I began working with Robin in November of 2013 after the end of a 17 year relationship. I was suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD issues. Throughout my time with Robin I learned techniques that eased my symptoms and helped me to move forward from a relationship that had taken just about every bit of positive energy and emotion from me. I was left left with no ability to pick myself up without help. Robin saw my qualities of resilience and determination to rise above all that seemed likely to prevent my forward progress. Meditation and mindfulness together with encouragement got me through a few battles I could not have accomplished alone. The work was hard and ever present but I am finally able to move on without my past experiences clouding my future. I have learned the skills I need to protect myself from relationships that take all my emotion and give nothing in return. A pattern I have repeated my entire life. I highly recommend Robin Lipsker. She has gone above and beyond what most practitioners would do just to help me. She is one of the best.

Kate B.   

I have watched my son and daughter-in-law attend counseling with Robin over the past few months. She has presented herself professionally and been very open-minded to their situation and discussions. I have seen them each grow individually and learn the importance of compromise from their sessions. They have learned the importance of how their choices reflect their surroundings. I feel strongly that they are both gaining insight through their sessions that they will carry with them through other relationships and situations in life.

As a Mother it is hard to see your children struggle and upset as they deal with life changing issues as they arise. Robin has been supportive to the family as a group. She is continuing to educate us all on the importance of our choices. I would encourage anyone that is need of some clarity or support to seek her out for counseling. She is wonderful person and counselor. We are blessed to have her in our community as a resource.

Sandy S.